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Subscription Payments

When do I pay?

When you checkout on the website, you will be required to pay your first months subscription payment and any delivery charges. This is an advance payment for your first months rental. Your next monthly payment will be taken one month after your delivery date and will continue to be taken on the same date every month.

Can I change my payment method?

You can change the card you are using to make your monthly payments at any time by contacting our support team via live chat where you will then be able to speak to a member of staff over the phone.

What happens if I miss a payment?

We will continue to attempt to take payments from your card after the first failed attempt. If we still fail to take payment after 7 days, that is then considered a late payment. You are liable for a charge of 20% of the monthly subscription fee of any late payment each month it remains due. If you have any issues with late payments or would like to end you plan, please contact support via live chat.

Your Item & Item Protection

Are the items new?

Sometimes items you receive will be brand new, but we also refurbish and clean previously rented items to an as new standard. Every item will go through an extensive process to be considered as new. If you are not happy with your item when you receive it, simply send it back within the 14 day window.

Are the items covered against theft?

You are not covered if your item gets stolen. We recommend you ensure your items are covered by your home insurance or take out separate insurance for the items.

What happens if I damage the item?

We want you to enjoy using your items without worrying. Wear and tear of the item during typical use is to be expected and we will cover the cost of small refurbishments. Any more extensive damage will be assessed on a case by case basis and a settlement reached. Please contact support if you have damaged your item and we can begin the case assessment.

Subscription Terms

What is the minimum subscription length?

You can create Flex subscriptions from as little as one month.

Can I end my subscription early?

At any time you can choose to end your subscription and return your item. To end your subscription early you will need to pay the difference between what you have paid and what you should have paid for the shorter duration rental plan.

For example: Games Console A is £15 a month on the 12 month plan and £20 a month on the 6 month plan. You sign up for a 12 month plan and pay £15 a month. After 9 months, you decide that you don't want the console any more.

After 9 months, you will have paid 9 x £15 = £135. To rent for 9 months, you would have needed to be on the 6 month plan (the next plan down). You therefore should have paid 9 x £20 = £180. To end your subscription early you will need to pay the difference between what you have paid and what you should have paid. In this example, you would owe £180 - £135 = £45.

Is there a minimum monthly cost?

When renting furniture, there is a minimum monthly spend of £75 per month. For other categories there is no minimum monthly expense. Simply choose the items you need and head to checkout.

What happens when my minimum subscription plan ends?

When your plan finishes, you are completely in control as to what happens next. You can either: a) return your item with a returns label provided by us (please contact support and we'll send one to you or contact support for furniture collections); b) simply keep making your monthly payments to keep the item; c) extend your plan to a longer plan to lower your monthly payments or d) pay the remainder of the value of the item up to its buyout price to own the item outright.

Can I buy the item at the end of my subscription?

Yes, at any moment in time you can choose to buy your item if you decide you love it. Any rental payments you have made so far will contribute towards the purchase, and you will never pay more than the buyout price in total. If you'd like to buy the item, please contact support.

Delivery & Returns

Where do you deliver to?

We currently only delivery to Mainland UK addresses

How long does delivery take?

We aim to deliver your item within 5 days. Please note there may be unexpected delays with your delivery due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. For furniture deliveries, we will be in touch to arrange a specific delivery date.

Will you install furniture?

Absolutely! Make sure the space is clear and we’ll come in and install the furniture just as you want it. Unfortunately we are not able to clear out spaces or remove old furniture for you.

Can I return the item if I decide I don't want it?

You will have 14 days from when you received the item to cancel your subscription and let us know that you would like to return the item. From the day you let us know that you will be returning the item, you have 14 days to return it.

The item must not be used and must be returned as you received it, with all packaging and labels in place. If you do not return the item in it's original condition, you will not be refunded your first month's subscription fee.

Fat Llama

What is Fat Llama?

Fat Llama is the world's largest peer to peer rental marketplace for electronics and household items , established in London in 2017. Fat Llama also provide their software to help companies run their own smooth rental business. You can find their marketplace at fatllama.com.

What do they do?

Fat Llama verify customers and manage payments for subscriptions and other rentals to enable us to get items into customers hands whilst preventing fraud. Fat Llama will manage your ongoing rental plan, payments and payment methods.

Do I need a Fat Llama account?

To rent from us, you are required to create a Fat Llama account and complete your verification.

Is my personal information secure with Fat Llama?

Any personal information and documentation is safely secured with Fat Llama or Stripe (our payments provider). Identity documents may be verified by third party providers that can be found in our terms and conditions. Any documents provided to document check services will be deleted by the third party within 90 days of submission. If you are no longer a Fat Llama customer you can contact us to have your information deleted at any time.

Other questions about Fat Llama?

If you have further questions, you can Fat Llama contact support via fatllama.com or visit their FAQs at the same address.

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